IT that grows your business, not slows your business

We sell performance-enhancing software that allows retailers to make informed decisions on stock, staff, sales and suppliers.

Over more than 20 years we have developed a deep understanding of the business challenges facing consumer electronics retailers. In response to their needs, we have developed robust, reliable, scalable solutions for both large and small retailers. And we build, support and maintain web and e-commerce functionality for those operating in multiple channels.

We have developed unrivalled expertise in the unique needs of the rent-to-buy sector. Our specific capabilities include asset management / depreciation, interest rates, credit scoring, debt management / collections, weekly and monthly payment cycles, and meter collections.

We have clients in over 350 stores throughout the UK and Ireland – that’s more than 2,500 people running applications on our software at any one time. And our IT systems control sales in excess of £500 million a year.

No-one knows consumer electronics and rent-to-buy retailing like Cromwell Business Systems

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