Making IT work smarter

We have introduced a range of products and services designed to complement the retail software solutions and IT support we provide, including:


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is a means of providing for electronic payments and collections. The benefits include:

  • reduced administrative costs
  • increased efficiency
  • fewer errors
  • simplified bookkeeping
  • greater security

With our EFT solution, retailers have no need of a separate PDQ machine and therefore there is no need to key transactions into both the point-of-sale application and a PDQ device. We also provide the chip & pin device under the same financial terms as retailers would normally obtain from their Bank.


Our postcode solution allows customer details to be retrieved via the postcode alone or from partial address details such as street name and town. Crucial to any retail business, it gives users numerous benefits including:

  • reduced typing
  • very fast look-up of customer details at the point of sale
  • no spelling errors
  • reduced returns and wastage for deliveries and mailshots
  • a more professional image

It is regularly updated and can be installed on e-commerce sites to enhance the customer online shopping experience.


Postscript is a powerful module which allows retailers to laser print highly professional and detailed documentation such as price-tickets, rental contracts, invoices and delivery notes using data from our application.

Users can create a customised look to all the output by adding logos and different colours and by varying fonts and sizes.


For quick, accurate input into Open-Retail our mobile batch scanning solution uses handheld devices with an integrated barcode scanner, plenty of on-board memory and an option for wireless (Wi-Fi) capability via Bluetooth.

Rugged, yet light, the devices have a numeric keypad and a telephone type keyboard perfect for entering stock balances and short comments. There is a choice of a colour and mono screen. The barcode scanners have Cromwell software installed to capture data for 100% accurate Goods In, Stock Transfer and Stocktaking.


We provide a complete CCTV solution to deter theft and fraud; control inventory; increase productivity and improve employee safety. Both interior and exterior areas can be monitored.

We can offer anything from a single fixed camera with a 3-way gimble mount to a multi camera system with remotely controlled cameras with 360 degree movement, infra red night vision, high dynamic range to cope with changing light conditions and motion detection. All systems have comprehensive software which allows complete control of the cameras, including assigning duties to each camera and setting recording times. The system can be securely accessed via a browser from anywhere in the world, and allows both live images and playback of stored data. The Cromwell dual network is required for this system.


Our VoIP Internal system gives our customers free internal communications between all their locations. The benefits include modern voice technology including Caller ID and significant reductions on normal telecommunication costs. Internal VoIP is implemented in conjunction with our dual network and all charges are covered in the dual network set-up.


Our advanced ticketing solution has been designed to suit all sizes and types of retailer. Ticketing gives retailers complete control over production of visually striking, accurate price tickets, delivering huge time savings over manually produced tickets.

Full integration with our application ensures tickets are printed with accurate prices. Other features include:

  • optional automated trigger of ticket requests (e.g. price changes)
  • different controls for head office locations and branches
  • inclusion of manufacturer and other logos into ticket designs
  • efficient layout design to ensure tickets are printed cost-effectively


We offer a range of reporting solutions to suit all sizes of business. Open-Retail and Orpheus Retail offer c. 300 reports. Plus we offer a simple Excel-based reporting tool (Mono-Stats Reporting) which gives retailers access to vital business intelligence with minimal effort, outputting professional-looking, real-time reports in easy-to-understand tables and charts.

For businesses needing more sophisticated reporting functionality, Crystal Enterprise Reports integrates with Open-Retail to ensure retailers obtain maximum benefit from the data they hold on their business and its performance.


Service is one of the most comprehensive and powerful components of our Open-Retail application. It uses a wide range of system features from stock control to invoicing, debt control and accounts. It also features:

  • a quotation system
  • manufacturer claim-backs
  • multiple invoice generation from one job
  • third party warranty
  • branch collections & deliveries
  • customer collections & deliveries
  • field repairs
  • customer directions
  • van stock control
  • parts and loan stock control

Sony Integration

This service provides Sony with crucial sales and stock balance data from each Sony Centre or Sony Specialist Associate. Automatic data extracts are scheduled to transfer across our private network into Sony’s own IT systems. This process is completely automatic so the participating retailers do not have to do anything to ensure accurate weekly data is sent to Sony.

This tried and tested process meets Sony’s strict requirements that key information is delivered directly from retailer’s systems, removing the risk of inaccuracies and ensuring 100% data integrity.

Putting together all the pieces of the IT jigsaw