Peace of mind 24/7/365

The best IT system in the world is not worth buying if the supplier cannot provide the level of aftercare and support that a retail business requires. We have a large team of people with the skills required to:

  • specify the perfect system
  • install it in the agreed timescales
  • provide intensive early-stage and ongoing training
  • answer all support queries promptly
  • and help retailers determine what IT they need to support their next stage of growth

Our Applications & Technical Support team coverage is 24/7/365. The average level of experience in our support team is 7 years based on period of employment at Cromwell – with some of our support staff employed with us for well over a decade.

In exchange for this level of support, we ask that customers commit to a partnership with us. This means they need to take adequate training, working towards using our system to its full potential and collaborating with us to ensure that we can effectively support them in the future.

Hands-on and dedicated, delivering unmatched service