TV Trends

Latest research from GfK reports that since 2004, 60 million flat panel TV sets have been sold in the UK. However, sales are falling year-on-year. The 43+ sector is the only part of the market to see growth, increasing 10% in volume in 2012 over 2011.

The trend towards large screen sets is boosting the uptake of premium features, with more than a third of the TV market value in 2012 coming from 3D TV sets.

Mark Hamilton, GfK account manager, says: “Looking at December 2012 sales, the flat TV market surpassed 60 million units over its lifetime. With the 2012 onslaught of large-screen activities including the European Championships and the Olympics, we have seen strong continued uptake of 3D and smart TV features. This alone accounted for 35% and 44% respectively of the total market value in 2012. Though the inclusion of these features as standard in most high-end sets means that a number of these will be passively purchased, this does not necessarily reflect the number of consumers actually using these features.”