Amdea push for appliance replacement

White goods trade association Amdea is urging the Government to encourage consumers to replace their old appliances and use energy-saving features. Apparently, replacing an old fridge-freezer with a modern appliance can have the same benefits as installing double-glazing as it would use 50% of the power. Douglas Herbison, chief executive of Amdea, said: “By working together with the Government, we can have a greater impact on energy use in the home. Including major appliances in the Green Deal or a similar scheme has the potential to be an all-round winner. As well as the savings on household bills, and greenhouse gas emissions, this could encourage millions of consumers to upgrade their kitchens – providing considerable work for skilled tradesmen and for young people just starting out on their careers.”

Amdea has just completed a pilot study with the University of Surrey, examining how appliances are used in the home. Their report, the Efficient Household Appliances Study, is downloadable on: