Valuable Deloitte insights

You don’t often get something for nothing, but there are several valuable insight reports available for free on the Deloitte website. The latest, “Rightsizing the Retail Estate”, is on:

It focuses on the fact that retailers should not stay fixated on stores when online sales are growing apace and already represent the equivalent of 60m sq ft in retail space. However, rather than simply closing stores when leases expire, retailers should develop a strategy that defines their ideal retail footprint. Hugo Clark, director in Deloitte’s real estate team and author of the report, says: “Given the rapidly changing retail environment and the speed with which new technologies are emerging and impacting on the use of physical space, the biggest challenge facing retailers is to continually test and challenge the size, shape and purpose of their store portfolios. This is likely to be a constant but critical process of evolution for retailers seeking not just to survive but to flourish.”