Freesat launches Smart Guide

Free-to-view satellite TV service Freesat has launched the smart on-screen TV guide that will be featured in next-generation Freesat+ boxes due later this month. When connected to home broadband, the service, Free Time, offers viewers the option to go backwards through the TV guide to watch shows they have missed. It features a Now and Next view of what is currently on, while a showcase section offers recommendations on programmes to watch that night, on demand or during the coming week. Recordings are said to be easier to make and episodes will be automatically filed into series.

Freesat claims the service has been developed using widely-adopted European open standards for hybrid TV including elements of OIPF, HbbTV and HTML 5 browser technology. Freesat managing director Emma Scott said: “TV is a simple pleasure that technology can make even better, not more complicated. Our new boxes with Free Time give satellite viewers everything they get with Freesat today and so much more in a single, simple and easy to use on-screen guide.”