Trio of new trainees

Callum, Dan & Jack

We have recently expanded our team with three very bright new 19-year-old trainees: Jack Warden, Daniel O’Kane and Callum Jackman.

Programming has always been an interest for Jack who started Computer training in his sixth form at school. So when he saw our job vacancy online he immediately applied and was invited to attend a demonstration workshop. At present he is working in the Application Department learning how to fix bugs and helping test software before it is launched. His 6-month initiation will rotate between this and Web Support and Technical Support. Jack’s hobbies include gaming, films, and reading and basically anything connected to computers.

Daniel is another IT fan who admits to “always enjoying projects involving IT.” He’s obviously very adept with his fingers as he also plays the guitar, which he taught himself. His other great love is fishing on the Great Ouse. Dan was featured in the local paper just before he joined because he got such fantastic results in his GCSE exams!

The last of the new trio is Callum who also admits to a love of computing. “I learned so much really good stuff for my A level so was delighted to get a job in the industry” he says. He is also musical and plays the drums.

All three trainees will be on rotation between our Development, Support and Web teams.