Cromwell ‘on the ball’ – and we prove it!

Our winning team!

We were certainly up to scratch at Retra’s first ever national Golf Tournament which took place at Woburn Golf course recently! Our Commercial Director Sonu Kundi scooped the top prize - the National Trophy – while one of our customers, Pam Baggott from Slaney’s of Hinckley, won the Lady’s Cup. Sonu and Pam were part of the two teams we had playing in this year’s contest which took place on the Duke’s course. Other Cromwell customers were Vic Wood (Darling & Wood) and Trevor Scothern (Harry Garlick). A total of 71 players took part in the Tournament and a charity raffle later in the evening raised more than £1,000 in aid of the President’s nominated charity, Cure Parkinson Trust. The retra golfers return to Woburn next year to play the Marquess course on September 8th.